Let’s Talk Death

All human fears are rooting from fear of death…

We struggle with the definition and try to deny it when it comes to ourselves!

Death is real.

It will come.

And you are never fully prepared. It is something we experience over and over again in small parts of our life cycle, or witnessed it in others but always manage to cut off our association with it.

Why death is so scary to us?

Is it because life is too precious?

Despite how much we complain all the time that we feel trapped in our lives, how there is no way out, how depression is a regular social struggle in our societies!

Death is just energy.

It is a passive energy, ending/blocking the flow of life. It’s neither good nor bad. It just is, like birth is. Death doesn’t have to be an end, might be the beginning. It doesn’t have to be the cause of your disease/suffering but perhaps the end of it.

Even if we are viewing it as scary and negative, we know it will come.

I am not scared of death. I have dies many times and will die again. My body will die and no longer hosts me. I see it every day as I am getting old. The natural elements evaporates in us. We dry out and wrinkle, we become sluggish and tired, we give in to gravity, eventually getting closer to our grave.

Death shouldn’t be a punishment but freedom when you surrender. Detaching is the key to a peaceful death. Do not resist this reality as it is part of this life cycle. Without death, there is no birth…

There is no life,

There is no flow or movement,

There won’t be anything new,

There won’t be fresh soil for growth,

Death is life.

No duality

No opposites

There is no separation

There is only one cycle

With no beginning nor an end.

Do not fool yourselves and fail to have the clarity to truly see.